Curriculum Vitae (english version)

  1. Professional Career

Since 1 October 2011, Associate Professor in Communication at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris3, Laboratoire Communication, Information, Médias (CIM), in the team, Media, Culture and Digital Practices (MCPN).

Since 2013, associated with the Institut des Sciences de la Communication of the CNRS (ISCC), in the  Digital Trajectories Pole.

Scientific coordination and participation in scientific programmes and networks

  • Scientific coordinator for the programme Digital Identities, Networks, Bodies (IRC), an interdisciplinary programme at the Université Sorbonne Paris-Cité, which develops collaboration between the Social Sciences and Humanities and Medicine: 80 researchers, 10 postdoctoral contracts, 5 PhD students, €650,000. 2013–2017.
  • Scientific coordinator for ANR ENEID Digital Eternities. Post-mortem Digital Identities and Innovative Memorial Uses of the Web Seen through the Gender Prism, funded by the Sociétés Innovantes project under the Agence nationale de la recherche. Two partners (UTC and P3-P13), 18 researchers, 2 postdoctoral contracts (1-year contracts), €315,000. 2013–2017.
  • PI for the partner CIM/MCPN under the project Minorities, Digital Identities and the Circulation of Political Messages on the Web in the Sahara (MINWEB), funded via the call for projects of the City of Paris’ Emergences project, led by Marina Lafay, CEPED, Université Paris Descartes. 6 researchers (including contract staff), €415,000. 2013–2017.
  • Member of ANR Jeunes Chercheurs Heritage, Memories and History of the Web in the 1990s (WEB90) led by Valérie Schafer, ISCC/CNRS. 2014–2017.
  • Participation in the Projet Exploratoire Pluridisciplinaire (PEPS) Patrimonium funded by the Institut des Sciences de la Communication of the CNRS. €5,000. 2012–2013.
  • Since 2012, participation in the European network RESAW, Research Infrastructure for the Study of the Archived Web.

Administrative and teaching duties

  • Institut de la Communication et des Médias (ICM) Department representative on the Scientific Committee of the Arts and Media Department. 2015–present day.
  • Head teacher for the Master’s 1 internships. 2013–2016.
  • Tutoring for L1 Information, Communication; Supervision of L3 internships. 2011–
  • Head teacher director for the first-year of Licence in Communication at the Institut de la communication et des médias, and tutoring: informed and followed up students, studied non-IDF students’ dossiers (3,000 applicants/ 75 places), organised department Open Days, guided study choices, organised juries. 2011–

Previous activities

Oct. 2010–Sept. 2011. Postdoctoral Fellow at ANR PANIC Pro-Activity of Audiences and Digitalisation of the Cultural Industries, coordinated by Nicolas Auray, Telecom ParisTech. Theme: “Audiovisual productions of video gamers”: Assistant Lecturer in Controversy Studies (ETIC) at Telecom ParisTech; Obtained funding €5,000) for the exploratory multidisciplinary project via the Institut des Sciences de la Communication of the CNRS (ISCC) : Debating Games, 2010–2011. An LIRMM-Telecom Paristech collaboration.

Sept. 2008–August 2010. Postdoctoral Fellow at the CNRS, then Research Fellow contract (CR2) CNRS, Laboratoire de Mécanique et Génie civil, LMGC UMR 5508, Montpellier. Theme: “Learning and perception in the space of augmented reality” and “The human subject in the digitally augmented environment”. Assistant lecturer in Interactive Multimedia at Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne (48 h); Assistant lecturer in Communication at the Ecole des Gobelins, Licence in partnership with Université Paris 8 (48 h); participated in recruitment, and examination juries.

Sept. 2006–August 2008. temporary Teaching and Research Assistant (ATER) at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Centre for Research into Images, Cultures and Cognition (CRICC): taught courses in Multimedia and Cultural Mediation (96 h).

2002–2006. Independent researcher: created a micro-enterprise (still operating in 2016), undertook and designed studies and projects (video games and communication tools), SIRET 479093601 00025.

Sept. 2003–August 2004. Contracted Teacher in Classics (French, Latin and Greek) at the lower-secondary school, Académie de Créteil.

Jan. 2002–August 2002. Game analyst at Wanadoo Edition (video game publisher) for an RNTL (ANR) research programme on persistent worlds (1999–2002): led a comparative study of 12 mass multiplayer games with 5 informants; coordinated the report “Voyage dans les mondes persistants” (2002) – 754p.

March 2001–Sept. 2001. Game analyst of “gameplay quality” video game. Ubi Soft: Games Lab, International Content Management.

  1. Education and Qualifications

June 2009. Qualified to hold the post Associate Professor in the 71th section of the CNU Information and Communication Sciences. Qualification number: 09271185766.

2003–2007. PhD in Cultural Studies, first class honours with the jury’s unanimous commendation.  Thesis title: “Semiotics of self-representation in interactive dispositifs. The digital Hexis”. Thesis supervisor: Bernard Darras, Professor at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. The Centre for Research into Images, Cultures and Cognition (CRICC) laboratory, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, UFR Arts. Defence date: 14 December 2007.

2001–2002. DEA Social challenges of communication technologies. Université Paris 8 Saint-Denis. Dissertation title: “System of self-representation in virtual communities”. Dissertation supervisor: Jean-Louis Weissberg, Associate Professor, Université Paris 13.

2000–2001. DESS Sciences and technologies in the mediation of culture and knowledge. Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Design and realisation of an interactive terminal for the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Tours. Honourable mention.

1995–1999. Licence and Masters in Classics, mention Grammar and linguistics. Masters awarded with first-class honours. Dissertation title: “The ekphrasis of Hesiod’s Shield of Herakles. Orality and poetic creation”. Supervisor: Charles de Lamberterie, Professor, Université Sorbonne-Paris 4.

  1. Distinctions

2014 Awarded a PEDR (Research and PhD supervision grant/formerly PES) (2014–2018).

2016 Awarded a 6-month assignment to the CNRS, at the Institute of Communication Sciences – ISCC (February 2017–August 2017)

  1. Teaching activities

Since 2011, as Associate Professor at the Institut de la Communication et des Médias, my teaching has been increasingly linked to my research activities.

  • Challenges of semiology and the study of signification in information and communication sciences (Licence programme). L2 and L3, Theories and Models of Communication (tutorials, 24 h, 2011–2014), L2 lectures on Theories and Models of Communication (lectures, 24 h, 2014–present day), L1 Semiology (tutorials, 24 h, 2011–2014), L1 lectures on Semiology (lectures, 6 h, 2014–present day).
  • Analysis of the new media and the dissemination of research in teaching. L3 Methods of analysing video game practices in the Humanities (tutorials, 24 h, 2011–present day), M1 Methodology workshop for semiological “quali-quanti” analysis of digital practices in Information and Communication Sciences (tutorials, 24 h, 2011–present day)
  • M1 Seminar – From digital identity to the augmented individual (seminar, 24 h, 2011–2016).
  • M2 IEE Digital identity (workshop, 6 h, 2011–present day).

Supervisor of M1 dissertations. Each year, like all ICM faculty, I supervise between 15 and 18 Master 1 dissertations; in addition, I co-supervise two dissertations for M2 professional, with a second expert supervisor in the domain. I have supervised 3 dissertations for Master 2 Research (not systematic).

  1. Administrative activities and collective-interest activities (in addition to those mentioned infra. Professional career)

Learned societies:

  • member of the Société Française des Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication.

Appraisals for research programme funding:

  • Agence Nationale pour la Recherche: expert (2011), member on the Scientific Committee « Innovative, Inclusive and Adaptive Societies » (2015).

Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique – FNRS (Belgium): expert for 1 proposal (2015)

  • Call for research projects, University Sorbonne Paris Cité (USPC): internal expert (2014).
  • Dispositif Incitation Recherche (DIR) of University Lyon 2: expert for 1 proposal (2014)
  • The Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council: expert for 2 research projects (2011, 2013).

Participation in the Thesis Supervision Committee

  • BOUMENIR, Yasmine. Sensorial systems and information processing in augmented reality and real situations. (2008-2011): participated in supervising the PhD thesis of Y. Boumenir, supervised by B. Dresp-Langley, CR CNRS (LMGC, UMR5508) and co-directed by G. Revillard, DR (INSERM, U583). Thesis defended in November 2011.
  • JACQUES, Jerry. Cf. supra: Member of the Thesis Defence Committee.
  • (2013–present day) HAINEAUX, Esther “The creation of fictitious identities on Internet as a factor promoting the acquisition of social skills”. Université de Namur, Faculty of economic, social and management sciences. Centre de Recherches Information, Droit et Société (CRIDS). Sponsor: Annabelle Klein, Professor at the Université de Namur.

Member of Thesis Defence Committees

  • Juan Pablo BERTUZZI “Hybrid Worlds”, Université Paris 8, Ecole Doctorale Cognition, Langage, Interaction. Thesis supervisor: Pr. K. Zreik, Professor of Communication. Defended 12 March 2014.
  • Gregory MANZOURANIS “Skills development and social circles during adolescence: Consequences of computer-mediated interactions”, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Université de Lausanne. Thesis supervisor: Pr. G. Zimmerman, Professor of Psychology. Thesis defended publicly 23 September 2014.
  • JACQUES, Jerry “Modelling media literacy skills specific to the management of personal and shared information using digital media”. Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences, Louvain-La-Neuve. Thesis sponsor: Pierre Fastrez, Professor of Communication and Director of COMU. Thesis defended publicly 29 April 2016.
  • Liping ZHANG “Utilisation of social networking sites by Chinese students newly arrived in France: a comparative study between Facebook and Renren”, Université Lumière Lyon 2. Thesis supervisor: Christine Develotte, Research director in Language Sciences. Defended 23 September 2016.

The Commission of specialists for recruiting Assistant professors. 2012: Université du Havre; 2013: Université Sorbonne Nouvelle; 2013: Université Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines; 2015: University Paris 1; 2016: Université de Nanterre.

Review of papers for scientific journals: Revue internationale de communication sociale et publique (RICSP) (Canada), Communication (Canada), Recherches en communication (Belgique), Communication et langages (France), RESET, Les enjeux de l’information et de la communication.

Knowledge dissemination

Founding member (2002) of the association Observatoire des Mondes Numériques en Sciences Humaines (OMNSH), which is a multidisciplinary non-profit (under French Law 1901) in Social Sciences for postgraduates and young researchers whose work focuses on Internet and video gaming research. Vice-President (2002–2004), President (2004–06), Board member (2006–2009), active member (since 2009). The association currently has around 70 members.